Youth Quran Tafsir

Bilal Youth Quran Tafsir by Dr. Abdi in English

The most important program of all is the one that is catering for the youth as they the coming generation who would continue the legacy of this community. you are the investment of every responsible community member. Raising a future generation with a solid Islamic foundation and strong Iman is a must and non-comprisable. Dr. Abdi provides weekly Saturday Quran tafsir programs for our youth via zoom in the language they prefer and most understand. This has been the best outcome for the education programs at BCC. Do you have a teenage or young adult child? Have you wondered how the contemporary western way of life places peer pressure on your child? Have you worried or been concerned with the Islamic future life of your child or your family? For these and many questions like these, the answer could be right around the corner, zoom in with your child for life giving lessons of Dr. Abdi Yasin every Saturday afternoon.

Bilal Community Center is non –profit, no political membership based religious organization.

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