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Become A Bilal Community Member

Benefits of membership at Bilal community center is a great way to support our community and take advantage of many services provided by the community center at a low discount fee and some free services.

Some important benefits include an opportunity to be a part of a great community which thrives when same minded people come together to seek the pleasure of Allah swt worshiping together and making fellowship speaking the same language and sharing similar cultural environment.

Edir membership requires Bilal community membership. Bilal women’s Edir is known to provide comfort and ease when an Edir member’s immediate family is here or back home. Edir is known to have many expenses during a loss of family which decreases the burden on bereaving family. (see Edir page for detail info)

Quran school at Bilal is the most important and highly demanded service. Our Quran Academy is always overbooked to a degree we have students on the waiting list. Bilal members not only get priority enrolling their child, but they also enjoy a 10% discount on tuition. (see Quarn school page)

Members get to use the community center at a much discounted rate for whatever program they want to host at Bilal. During Taziya, when a loss occurs in a member’s family, free usage of the center is permitted for the first day only. This and many great benefits await you at Bilal community center.

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Bilal Community Center is non –profit, no political membership based religious organization.

Bilal Community Center is a registered religious organization incorporated under section 501{[c]}3 of the IRS code. Article of incorporation is filed with the secretary of state of Texas.