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Become A Bilal Community Volunteer

Members and supporters at Bilal community center enjoy various opportunities of volunteers. Volunteers in the community share experiences, and provide community support in adult education, Islamic studies, Nabel Hamza Quran Academy, Bilal’s mothers group, Bilal Youth group and many areas of volunteer’s opportunity.

The community expansion project team has many needs using volunteers to galvanize support for the new grand Bilal community center to be Built in Garland Texas. The community has secured purchased land of 5.6 acres to Build the future community center. Members and supporters can take time and volunteer in this great endeavor to build the future of Bilal. Everyone can volunteer in any potential and skill they would like to participate in. Every minute spent in support of a community will promote progress one step forward in the direction in which many have dreamt for a long time. Besides working for the development of our community, the reward for this work is considered Sadqa jariyah (continuous charity) as long as the effort is continued, and it is providing services.

Bilal Community Center

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Bilal Community Center is non –profit, no political membership based religious organization.

Bilal Community Center is a registered religious organization incorporated under section 501{[c]}3 of the IRS code. Article of incorporation is filed with the secretary of state of Texas.