How can I become a member of BCC?

You can email the and request membership information or press the link HERE to go directly to the application form.

Q: What is the benefit of becoming a member at BCC?

As a BCC member you can enjoy many benefits. Apart from being a member of such a distinguished organization with many respectable reputations, you benefit from many services rendered free and with small fees. There are benefits that are exclusive for members only and there are benefits for all community members and supporters. In all programs and services, members have the priority.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Free usage of the current facility for one day during the death of family members here or abroad.
  • Discount fee for use of facility for wedding, birth days, graduation and other events.
  • Discount fee for Quran School at Nebel Hamza Quran academy with priority with membership
  • Enrollment with Bilal women’s Edir requires Bilal membership that has its own many benefits.
  • Bilal members discount for special events sponsored by BCC
Q: When do I become eligible to vote or participate in elections after signing in membership?

See membership benefits and BCC bylaws section voters’ eligibility.

Can I visit the center?
Yes, BCC is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm and on special events.

Bilal Community Center is non –profit, no political membership based religious organization.

Bilal Community Center is a registered religious organization incorporated under section 501{[c]}3 of the IRS code. Article of incorporation is filed with the secretary of state of Texas.