Future Plans

Future Plans For Bilal Community Center

The demand of Muslim Community is increasing as it is a time of concern and fear for Muslims in this country to live Islamic life while the corruption in our society continues to degrade humanity and morality in the name of freedom and popular sovereignty. As Muslims we believe that sovereignty belongs to all mighty Allah who is most powerful and who is the disposer of all fairs according to his will and wishes, for which we submit our will and desire and attempt to live a life of civilized human being with morality being the center of social fabric with absolute adherence to our Islamic way of life.

In order to bring about such a community, organizational leadership that considers development of its community in all aspects of life is a priority responsibility and working diligently to realize the hopes and aspirations of its community is undoubtedly paramount.

BCC is currently embarking on a journey to build a community center that is capable of providing many services. As a mega expansion project of the community center, BCC is considering building a community center with a main prayer hall for five times daily prayer that could be used by any Muslim in the area, an open to all prayer center. BCC is also considering a facility that can provide Islamic education beyond a weekend school program. The establishment of regular Islamic school with Islamic education curriculum along with academicals programs for grades starting with pre K to 8th grade will ensure that Muslim children in the community will learn and be nurtured in the Islamic upbringing while get prepared to integrate to the society with solid Islamic foundation that keeps them within the bounds of their religious commitment which is being a devout Muslim and productive citizen.

Our expansion project will also include appropriate multipurpose rooms like sport center conference rooms, library especial funeral service rooms, especial event center, special need children service center and many more needs that the community requires.

BCC currently has secured a purchase of land that is 5.6 acres for building the future BCC. Members and leaders of the community are currently working tirelessly to make this expansion project the priority that needs to be completed within the next 5 years’ time.

Bilal Community Center is non –profit, no political membership based religious organization.

Bilal Community Center is a registered religious organization incorporated under section 501{[c]}3 of the IRS code. Article of incorporation is filed with the secretary of state of Texas.