Weekly Quran Tafsir

Weekly Quran Tafsir With Dr. Abdi Yasin In Amharic

Weekly Quran recitation and translation program happening every Sunday from 3-4pm CT via zoom By Dr. Abdi Yasin attended by over 50 consistently attending brothers and sisters. This program is one of the most sought programs in the community as this program provides in depth Islamic knowledge by scholarly translation and explanation of the Holy Quran into the Amharic language. Attendees are enjoying this class via zoom from the comfort of their house or mobile device. This program is very interactive, repeated revision so lessons are not forgotten, and it is free. Mony commented that this is the best service that has been started at BCC since the advent of CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. Because it is broadcasted via zoom, many attend this program out of town. If you want to learn the meaning of the holy Quran in Amharic, zoom in every Sunday to Dr. Abdi Yasin’s Quran Tafsir program. For the Zoom link, see BCC WhatsApp page.

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