Weekly Mothers Group

Bilal Mothers Group Weekly Program

Parenting is a skill that is very important for mothers in this country. Being a parent for more than one child with a language barrier and having inadequate parenting skills is a challenge. Mothers seek a support person during early child parenting. BCC mothers’ group is one great team of support for parents in our community. sisters who have gone through raising their child and have been tested through so many trials and tests are now sharing their experience in raising children in our community.

The focus of Bilal mothers’ program is to help Bilal’s mothers sharing vital information about parenting and raising healthy children. The program host plays a great role in providing information and referrals to mothers who are looking for this support. Bilal’s mothers’ group are now stronger than ever before. They are providing weekly information sessions in parenting, family relations, monthly mental health awareness, program, care of special needs children and parents in the community and many vital programs are being hosted.

You can also support this program by joining and donating or sponsoring to their relevant programs.

Bilal Community Center is non –profit, no political membership based religious organization.

Bilal Community Center is a registered religious organization incorporated under section 501{[c]}3 of the IRS code. Article of incorporation is filed with the secretary of state of Texas.