Bilal Community Center wishes all Muslims in our community Blessed Eidul Adha 1441AH


السلام عليكم ورحمتالله وبركاته

عيدكم مبارك اللهم تقبل منا ومنكم


July 29, 2020

Bilal community center wishes all members of the Muslims community all over the world and especially in the Dallas fort worth area Eid Mubarek!

Every year over 2.5 Million Muslims would perform pilgrimage to Mecca to observe and fulfill the command of Allah SW in performing Hajj and celebrate Eidul Adha in commemoration of the faith of Ibrahim AS and the Sacrifice of his son Ismael AS. The first 10 days of the month of Zuhijjah in the Hijri Calendar, is considered the most blessed days of all the days in any given week. it is recorded in many authentic traditions that Almighty Allah rewards all kheyr aamal (righteous deeds) like fasting, zakat and sadaqat, salat, and Quran tilawa. especially fasting is recommended to not only to expiate sins committed the year before, it will also absolve one from accounting all nonmajor sins that will be committed the year going forward marking the 10th day of Zulhijja on the day of Arafat.
The 3 days of Zulhijja before Arfat is a great celebration event in the Muslims world culminating with the sacrifice of affordable cattle like lamb, goat, camel, bull etc. festivities continue sharing the meet with friends and families and the needy one in the community.
Eid has a special place in the heart of Muslim kids. They accept gifts from parents and families, indulge in the time of family celebration during Eid, going to prayer, visitation food, and all the joy that Eid brings feels the kids’ heart with warmth joy and content.
This Eid like the Eidul IFTAR is very different. This Eid does not include all the major festivities of Hajj, Eidsalat, ziyra to masjid al Nabawi in Madina, no running between Safa and Marwa, no Rami ul Jamarat, no spending the night on the Mount Arafat, no salat on Makam of Ibrahim, and no circumambulation around the Kabah.

Here a home we may not have salatul Eid, we may not have hugs and kisses we may have to wear mask.
All these are the situations created by Allah sw and he alone can remove these conditions.
Bilal Community center encourages every Muslims in this community to be a grateful slave to Allah sw, to make Takibrat in loud and chanting voice to glorify his majesty and his greatness. To submit our will to his command and ask him SW to accept us from among the righteous servants. Recite Labayk YA Allah Labayk, La sherikah lak, inal wahda wa nimata laka wal mulk, La sherkah lak.
We need to say oh Allah accept us, we need to say oh Allah we are responding to your nidaya, oh Allah take this qurbani from us and accept from us.
We need to celebrate this Eidul Adha with gratefulness as Allah has all the knowledge as to why he has created these conditions upon his creations.
We need to celebrate this Eidul Adha rejoicing with loved ones and family observing the recommended infection prevention and spread by local health authorities.
As we celebrate we should also remember the people who are less fortunate in our community, make dua for them, and share with them from what Allahu subahanahu watalla has provided us.
As we celebrate and head to our salat recite the Takibirat listed below and continue making your takbirat after each fard salat for the next day. for this is the sunnah of our Nabiya Karim saw.
Bilal community center as an organization, the administration, and the Board of trustee, Bilal Quran school administration staff, Bilal youth group and all the volunteers’ supporters of our community wishes you all a very blessed Eidul Adha to you all and your families.
for those of you who prefer to prayer Salatul Eid at home please follow the instruction on the following link on how to perform your salatul Eid at home.
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