Bilal Community Sisters Charity programs provides 3 meal a day for 500 families in Ethiopia.

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السلام عليكم ورحمتالله وبركاته

Assalam Aleykum warahmetullahi wabarekatu.

Bilal community center as a non- profit organization is established to organize members who are Muslims and Ethiopian origin for the common good of the community in which the vision includes to provide Islamic education and services. Based on these missions, the community works together to provide various services both within the community and abroad in Ethiopia. It is recently that the Dallas Bilal community responded to support the brothers and sisters in Mota region, Ethiopia, who were victims of the attack of fanatic Christian terrorists who burned down 4 mosques to blaze, looted and vandalized Muslim business and properties. In the effort of rebuilding the Mosques of Mota and rehabilitate the business of the Muslims, Dallas Tx. Bilal community raise fund and send more than $83,000 USD to the Mota fund projects.

Just this past Ramdan the sisters of the Bilal community of Dallas TX collected donations to support needy Muslims in Ethiopia. The result was heartwarming inspiring and exciting to see so many lives being touched. Indeed Allah SW alone measures the reward for the great good the sisters of this community are doing. We pray that Allah SW multiplies their reward.

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Bilal sisters Rocking up the ajr!!

Posted by ቢላል ማእከል on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Sisters team in Dallas Texas Bilal community has come together to make changes in the life of many people and take part in projects like Babul Kheyr, an Ethiopian Muslim NGO, to support a family who needs to feed their children in most cases children under 10 years of age. It is reported that 3 meals a day could be provided for 500 heads of households.  with the resent charity Bilal sisters have successfully launched food programs for more than 2500 needy women and children as well as elderlies. Two rounds of raised funds each more than 400,000 Ethiopian Birr was sent out for these food programs. They have sent their charities working with many charity organizations for different projects.

It is encouraging to see many Muslims especially  Ethiopian Muslims working together with Muslim charity organizations to make sure that help is provided for communities in need. A recent project has begun with the initiative of Dallas, TX Bilal sisters to support and provide material assistance to COVID 19 prevention programs as well as supporting victims. It is indeed a project dear to the heart of the sisters of Bilal community and they invite all Muslim members of other communities to join them in the effort of supporting the needy in Ethiopia.

May Allah SW bless the sisters of the Dallas Bilal community and help them in the effort of changing the life of people one family at a time.

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Proud of my sister at Bilal community center!!May Allah reward you all.

Posted by ቢላል ማእከል on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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