Bilal Community center wish everyone Ramadan Kareem

Assalam Aleykum

Bilal community center wishes to all Muslims around the Dallas fort worth area Ramdan Mubarak!

Bilal wishes everyone in our Community great month of blessing, prayer, supplication and acceptance of our Siyam and all good deeds with mercy from Allah SW. We ask Allah SW, to remove the world pandemic of COVID 19 with his mercy. We seek protection by him(SW) from all diseases that are afflicting humanity. We pray for the recovery of those who are sick from coronavirus and all other diseases. Ameen!

This Ramadan is quite different from all other Ramadan we have had in our community. As you all know the spread of COVID 19 all around the world has completely paused the world from normal routines. This Ramadan will be different for us and all the Muslims around us because we will not get to celebrate Ramadan collectively as a community. Will not have community iftar or Jemah prayers of Taraweeh. We may not get to visit friends and families as we did before.

Even though we may not get to celebrate Ramadan as we did before, we should still be thankful to Allah SW for allowing us to witness this Ramadan and take full advantage of many of the blessings that come along with it. We must remain busy with the remembrance of Allah SW. We should keep a busy schedule with the recitation of the Quran with our family and with our community. We should have taleem programs at our houses and Taraweeh prayers even if 9,11 or 15 rakats.

We should never lose the spirit of Ramadan, rather we should engage in more prayers and supplications beseeching to Allah sw that he removes all these difficulties from us. We should encourage each other for kheyr and spent in charity from what Allah SW has given us. We need to continue to look after the weak, the poor, and the needy among us. We must embrace this Ramadan with intention and resolve that we will insha Allah complete our siyam with absolute devotion to Allah SW in prayer and ibadaht, staying up in the night for Tahajud and qiyamul layl. We will make an effort to acquire at the end of this Ramadan to have our iman fully charged and for some of us restored and for many of us establish relationship with our creator.

Bilal community center wishes every one Ramadan Kareem in the year 1441 AH.

Bilal community will be hosting Insha Allah virtual Ramadan khatira after Iftar every Saturday at 9:00 pm please look for this program and attend every Saturday and invite your friends and your families here in Dallas Texas.

May ALLAH keep all of you safe and under his protection.

Bilal community center

Administration Office.



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